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Course Record


Jordan Bilodeau-66 in July of 2013

Brody Dagenais - 66 - July of 2023


Mike Bilodeau - 62 September of 2023



Mace Soroko- 64 in July of 2003

Rick Cybulskie- 64 in July of 2007

Christopher Wilson- 64 in July of 2014

Jordan Bilodeau – 64 in August of 2014


Tee Off Information

Tee off reservations are required in advance
Daily Fee Play may book up to 2 days in advance
Members may book up to 7 days in advance
Corporate Play may book in advance


Straight Tee Times Players will tee off in foursomes at eight-minute intervals.
Double Tee Off Times (Crossovers) Players will tee off in eight-minute intervals on two nines at the same time.
18 Hole Shortgun Players tee off at the same time on different holes, with groups spread over 18 holes.

Golf Course Hours of Operation 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Hours of operation are subject to change due to weather or course conditions.


Keep the Pace:
The pace of play is important. The following rules should be used in order to keep the desired pace of play:
Set yourself a maximum score to any hole. A stroke is defined as any motion utilized to strike the ball whether contact is made or not. This is very important because if whiffs are not counted, they will slow down play even though your limit is set.
Once a player has reached the maximum for that hole, he or she should pick up their ball and advance to the next hole.
Set yourself a maximum number of putts on any one green. This will speed up play and you will keep the pace.

Most of all have some fun! Enjoy your stay at the Spruce Needles

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