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Course Maintenace Report May 25th, 2019

The Golf Course opened on Friday, May 24thwith many favourable comments on the Course conditions from both members and guests of Spruce Needles. An extended “Great Job” goes out to Phil Losier & Team for getting the course ready for play with less than favourable spring weather. 


We will be updating our Spruce Needles golfers regularly on many of the procedures being scheduled throughout the season. 


We will be aerating our greens next Monday/Tuesday, June 2,3. Ladies night will still go on as scheduled as we will be aerating only the back nine greens on Monday followed by the front nine on Tuesday. 


The aerating procedure will include pulling and removing cores from our greens, followed by an aggressive topdressing to fill in holes created by the procedure. 


Aeration is critical to the health and playability of our greens. The procedure improves overall plant health, helps control thatch, improves gas exchange, enhances vertical root growth and relieves compaction. 


This and other cultivational practices that are being scheduled are crucial to creating favourable putting conditions for our members and guests. The goal is to create true, receptive greens with healthy turfgrass that will ultimately require less maintenance, fertilizer, chemical and water which translates into less cost. 


Hole #1 continues to be held out of play until water levels recede. We will keep you posted on this and any other course maintenance issues throughout the season. 

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